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Sunday, 19 May 2024
-272 days left to the 2023 Ballyshannon Show
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Ballyshannon Show Rules and Regulations

  1. Livestock exhibitors must be the property of the exhibitor for at least two months prior to the Ballyshannon Show.
  2. All exhibitors must pay €10.00 admission to the Show.
  3. The Show Society acting through its Officers may refuse entry.
  4. The Show Society while cataloguing the exhibits will not accept liability for any error in the numbering of exhibits, for any exhibit not being displayed, or loss of, accident or damage to any exhibit.
  5. The Judges may withhold a prize in class in which, in their opinion, there is not sufficient merit.The Judges decision to ‘merit’ will be final.
  6. Subject to the Judges decision, no prize will be awarded in a class unless there are at least two exhibits.No second prize unless there are four exhibits and no third prize unless there are six exhibits.
  7. In classes where there are ten or more entries, the Judges may award an additional prize, if exhibits in their opinion warrant it. In the case of only one exhibit in a class, the Judge may award a merit prize if the exhibit in his opinion warrants it.
  8. No exhibit will be removed from the Show Grounds without permission from the Chief Steward, whose name will appear in the Show Catalogue.
  9. Any statement of ownership wrongly, intentionally or otherwise made on the Entry Form (in the opinion of the Committee) automatically disqualifies the exhibitor.
  10. Any objections regarding a Class or Classes must be lodged in writing with the secretary within half an hour of judging of the incident, accompanied by a deposit of €20.00 which will be forfeited if the objection is not sustained or considered to be frivolous.
  11. The society reserves the right to postpone any Show or part thereof, definitely of indefinitely, without incurring any liability to any exhibitor or any other party.
  12. To avoid any confusion regarding Perpetual Cups at Ballyshannon Show, a Perpetual Cup goes on forever and cannot be won outright.
  13. All entries must be received on or before Friday the 2nd August 2024. No late entries will be accepted. Entry fees must be paid when entering, otherwise the entry will not be accepted.
  14. All cups must be returned to the Society by 1st July 2024.
  15. An exhibitor will not be awarded more than two first prizes with the same animal.
  16. Any incorrect entries for Classes in the Horse & Pony section will be disqualified.
  17. All cattle must comply with the Department of Agriculture test regulations.
  18. No Steward can officiate in a ring who is an exhibitor or family member of an exhibitor.
  19. Any exhibitor found to be intimating judges/stewards will be will be removed from the show, not receive any prize money and will also receive a 1 year ban from exhibiting at the Ballyshannon Agricultural Show.
  20. The show committee reserves the right to cancel or amalgamate classes if insufficient entries.
  21. The committee reserve the right to substitute the cash prizes with vouchers for product.